Dragonfly Hanging Birdbath - Copper VerdigrisZoom

Dragonfly Hanging Birdbath - Copper Verdigris

Dragonfly Hanging Birdbath - Copper Verdigris
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Dragonfly Hanging Birdbath - Copper Verdigris.

Create a more relaxing and appealing outdoor space or garden with the Dragonfly Hanging Birdbath. Makes a great first impression, enhancing the curb appeal and value of your home. This suspended birdbath allows you to enjoy the benefits of bird watching, one of the world's most popular leisure activities, right in your own backyard. This decorative birdbath includes a 24 inch chain for convenient hanging, so you can suspend it from a tree or post in your garden Makes a great gift. Manufactured from die cast, high-density aluminum alloy. All Weather Coating and Aluminum shield coating -protect against the harshest weather and environmental elements. Extends the product life and maintains the look and function.

Dimensions: 15inch x 15inch x 2.5inch
Color: Copper Verdigris
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