Perpetual Calendar Sundial - Copper VerdigrisZoom

Perpetual Calendar Sundial - Copper Verdigris

Perpetual Calendar Sundial - Copper Verdigris
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Perpetual Calendar Sundial - Copper Verdigris.

Accent your garden or yard with the distinguished style of the Perpetual Calendar Sundial. Makes a great first impression, enhancing the curb appeal and value of your home. Placed among your flowers or atop a coordinating pedestal. Fully functional sundial casts a shadow on the dial to reveal the time of day. Adds beauty and style to your outdoor patio, back yard or garden. Makes a great gift. Manufactured from die cast, high-density aluminum alloy. All Weather Coating and Aluminum shield coating -protect against the harshest weather and environmental elements. Extends the product life and maintains the look and function.

Dimensions: 12inch x 12inch x 1inch
Color: Copper Verdigris
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