Wildlife Designs

Wildlife Designs
All of our Rustic Wildlife items are made using some of the best computer-aided design techniques and laser cutting technology. Using a quality gauge steel each metal design is precisely cut, then formed or bent into shape where welding is completed if needed.

The painting process is also of high standards as the paint is actually in the form of powder that is electrically charged to adhere to the metal, then baked on. This molten film fuses together to form a strong bond, curing and hardening to an extremely durable finish. The finish is offered in a choice of two textured colors - Rust and what we call Wrinkle Black (see inset).

The wood tops and shelves on our tables are well crafted to fiteach table perfectly. The wood on the tables comes in a choice of three different woods - oak, pine or maple.

Our park or garden benches are made from pressure treated wood that will withstand the elements but, look great both inside and out.

Together,the careful attention to detail on the metal legs and the beauty of the wood tops and shelves make our furniture pieces a rustic treasure that will be admired for years.

A note about shipping of our Rustic Wildlife Furniture products. Our products are made-to-order. Therefore most of our products in this line will take from 2-3 weeks for shipment.

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