Region / Scenic Themed Fire Pits

Region / Scenic Themed Fire Pits
We have a variety of themed fire pit designs that include everything from moon and stars to regional themes from across America.

Each design is cut into the drum of the fire pit and covered with a welded steel mesh to prevent sparks or coals from coming through the cut-out. The three legs are welded on to prevent wobbling and tipping.

All of our fire pits are made from high quality drawn cold rolled steel and finished with a natural rust patina. They are made to burn wood or charcoal.

Our fire pits are shipped fully assembled and ready to use. Each fire pit includes the following accessories: Poker, BBQ Grate, Spark Screen and Weather Cover (See Inset).

Measures 16" high and 24" round. The top, outer ring measurs 30" round and functions as a footrest or handle and weighs 50 lbs.
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