Custom Fire Pits

Custom Fire Pits
Personalize your very own fire pit by adding your family name, city or state, club or organization or, almost anything you desire. These also make great gifts!

Choose between three font styles and 32 different characters to customize your own fire pit. <<<<(SEE INSET FOR DESIGNS)

Each fire pit is made from high quality drawn cold rolled steel and finished with a natural rust patina. They are made to burn wood or charcoal. The designs are cut into the steel drum and then a steel mesh is welded on the inside to prevent sparks or embers from escaping but, still allowing you to see the cut design.

Our fire pits are shipped fully assembled and ready to use. Each fire pit includes the following accessories: Poker, BBQ Grate, Spark Screen and Weather Cover.

Our fire pits measure 16" high and 24" round. The top, outer ring measures 30" round and functions as a footrest or handle. Each fire pit weighs 50 lbs.

Click on the picture below to see how you can personalize your very own fire pit. And, if you need any help, we will be happy to take your order over the phone.
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