These rock solid decorative wagon wheels in their natural state will last many years indoors or out. They feature a 6" long, stout western hub with steel bands on either side of the hub, a solid steel tire, and a 1" diameter bore.

These wheels age gracefully outdoors, revealing the light colored Hickory’s beautiful grain. Use these wheels as a blank canvas for you to finish, or for nature to take its course. Either way, you will have a one of a kind piece of beauty and history!

Built from solid hard wood hickory and steel, our wheels will last for many, many years. We craft them from American steel and locally harvested trees.

Our wheels work well for both indoor and outdoor applications. For full outdoors protection, we offer Marine varnish on any of our wheel styles. For the natural and torched wheels, we can apply an indoor clear varnish. Please specify if you need either.

Our standard decorative wagon wheels are offered in a stocky 1 1/2" width. For a more slender, carriage-Buggy wheel profile, go with our 1" wide wheels. For an even more substantial look, choose our 2" wide wheels. Although our decorative wheels are built to hold weights of 100 lbs. per wheel, they are NOT intended for horse drawn use or where people on structures are supported by them.
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