Shed Antler Chandelier 8 Lights Sun-BleachedZoom

Shed Antler Chandelier 8 Lights Sun-Bleached

Shed Antler Chandelier 8 Lights Sun-Bleached
Item# ANX-AWC-4-SB
Availability: Usually ships in 4-6 weeks
Exquisite sun-bleached mule-deer antler 8 light chandelier is 34inch wide x 20inch tall. It is also available in natural, item ANX-AWC-4. Bring the distinctive taste of Western America into your home today with a quality hand-made antler chandelier from All of our hand-made antler products begin with hand selected shed antlers (no deer are killed). The antler itself possesses beautiful color and is graceful in shape. These characteristics make the chandelier a highly unique piece of art. All of our lighting components are UL Listed and approved. All wiring is entirely concealed internally. Any of our antler art products can be custom designed to any dimension desired by the customer. Order or call today for your very own antler chandelier from As each order is custom and hand-built, it could take 4 to 6 weeks to ship. Please also allow for certain natural differences in all antler products.
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