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Moose Antler Lighting - Moose Decor

Moose Antler Lighting - Moose Decor
Item# CHD-M4
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Moose decor items can really bring out the true wildlife rustic motif of any log cabin or rustic home. Our 4 antler moose chandelier, with its detail faux antlers, will be the crowning touch.

This moose chandelier measures 40" wide and 28" tall and weighs 12 lbs. A perfect source of accent lighting with its 6 candelabra lights.

Our perfectly proportioned white tail, elk, and moose antlers are the basis of our cast Antler Products. We finish each antler individually to reflect the beauty of natural, end of season, shed antler. The attention to detail presents you with a product that looks very real and the naked eye cannot tell the difference between our cast antlers and the real thing.

The process used to form these antlers makes them extremely light weight compared to real antler products and very durable.

All of our antler chandeliers have internal wiring that will not show and is UL approved. The candelabra lights are all 25-watt and chandeliers with a downward directional center light has an amber glass shade that is 60-watt.

Each antler chandelier comes complete with mounting hardware, including a standard 3 foot chain in a choice of Antique Brass, Polished Brass or Black colors. Additional chain length can be purchased at just $2.00 per foot, up to 5 feet additional. (See options below)
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