Grapevine Trees

Grapevine Trees
Grapevine trees are a very versatile home decorating item, spanning all seasons. Use mini bows in seasonal colors or mini lights and they will warmly celebrate every season with you!

The smaller 12" to 24" trees are often used to display on small tables as centerpieces, on a shelf or mantle. The larger 36" to 72" trees look great on front porches and walkways. And of course, they look fabulous with lights and decorations during any holiday season. They are especially ideal for condos or apartments where there is limited space. An no falling pine needles!

Our grapevine trees are manufactured in the USA from 100% natural growing vines and are carefully handmade by artisans who wind the vine tight around wooden stake frames. The quality of our trees brings our customers back year after year as they add different sizes to their collection, or to buy them as fabulous gifts for friends.

We suggest spraying your trees with a water seal polyurethane product after a year to help protect it and provide a longer life span. This also helps to preserve its natural brown color from fading. Our trees are not made to withstand the harsh outdoor elemetns over a long period of time and should be brought in for storage during the wet and cold winter months.

Please note that ur 12", 18" and 24" trees will be shipped in one full piece. Our 36" through 72" trees arrive in two or three sections to minimize shipping costs. You will simply match up the marked sections (white tabs) and clip them together. Once assembled the tree looks like a single unit.

A NOTE ON SHIPPING COSTS: If you consider grapevine trees from other sources, keep in mind both the unit and shipping costs of your purchase. Very often our unit price including our shipping is lower than other companies. Further, our trees are made in the U.S. and are very high quality. They are not kept in overseas containers, sprayed with insecticides, and exposed to other foreign elements.

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