Our Grapevine Products are some of the best quality you will find on the internet. All of our Grapevine Trees and Grapevine Balls are handmade from real, natural growing vines from the rolling hills of Tennessee.

Although Grapevine Trees have become a commonplace decoration for many homes in the Midwest and Midsouth such as Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky, they are fast becoming popular in many parts of the United States from East coast to West coast.

Now, gaining in popularity for a home or patio decoration are our Grapevine Balls. Made from the same natural vine, these come in a variety of sizes.

Grapevine Trees and Grapevine Balls can be displayed in your home, lodge or cabin year 'round. Although not recommended for year 'round display outside due to the elements. You can spray your Grapevine products with a light polyurethene product to help protect them from rain and moisture.

Add a touch of mini-lights to them and they make a great centerpiece or conversation item when entertaining family and friends. We have brown cord mini-lights that blend with the natural vine color available for sale as well.

They can be used to decorate your patio or porch, family or recreation room and, they make a great rustic addition to your Holiday decorations.

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