How They Are Made

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A quality product, one that will become an heirloom, last for generations, and evoke memories for years to come, can only be created by artisans who take pride in their craft. Purchasing something with heirloom quality may seem a little more costly, but carries with it the promise of enjoyment year after year. Our signs hold that promise, and are the result of outstanding craftsmanship and dedication.

Our signs start with an original stencil design by artist Lorna Jones of Dayton, Ohio.

Once the design is created, templates are made which are used by our artisans, who hand paint each sign entirely.

In the meantime, grade A 3/4" solid pine is being hand selected, and hand cut, planed, and prepped. A surrounding frame molding is mitered and attached by hand with nails.

When the board is given to the artisan, the hand painting begins. When complete, the sign is taken back into the shop to be "roughed up" a bit for its time-worn appearance. It is then sealed so that it could be hung outside under an overhang or porch.

Hangers are attached to the back.

The sign is then re-inspected by the artisan and hand signed.

We then ship it to you for years of enjoyment.

By you . . . and your descendants.

Our collection of enameled signs are authentic reproductions utilizing the same manufacturing process popularized in the 1900's.

The colors are not paints, but finely ground glass crystals, which, when kiln fired at 1350 degrees, fuse to the heavy steel plate. Each color is applied and fired separately, creating a durable, lustrous and rust resistant product.

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Kenny Kiskis (President)
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