Pat Stelzer

Pat Stelzer

Dangerous Research,
By George!

by Pat Stelzer

"Georgia S. Jensen, thank you kindly, finally convinces her husband of many years that nothing but good can come from her proposed business, Historical Research, By George!, never dreaming that she was about to research her way to a dead body.

Everything works just as she’d predicted until an assignment involving land and money, draws her and her friend, Ellie Forsythe, into a search, not only for family links on behalf of her client, but also for clues to her client’s murderer.

Ellie, along for the ride when Georgia’s husband refuses to go to Kentucky, helps as Georgia sifts through funeral home records, state archive microfilm and old cemetery records.

Keeping Georgia’s sometimes acerbic personality in check is an added chore Ellie faces with increasing frequency as they move closer and closer to finding the solutions. Not just to the original problem, but a nasty case of murder as well."

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