Welcome To Rustic Decorating!

Hi! I’m Ryan Ratkowski. I’m a rustic home decor enthusiast who believes that your living space is a reflection of the true you. As a devoted DIY-er, I strive to make every room a personal sanctuary – an oasis of comfort designed with care. From distressed wood furniture to eclectic wall trinkets, I’m passionate about finding the perfect pieces that will bring out the personality of any home.

I believe that one’s living space is a reflection of themselves, and it is everyone’s personal duty to make it unique. I greatly enjoy helping others curate homes that are as individualistic as they are!

I would like to thank you for visiting our store and trust you will not only find what you were looking for but, that your shopping experience with RusticDecorating.com will be remembered in a positive light. At RusticDecorating.com we have taken pride in the selection of items that we sell.

You will notice that many of the rustic items we sell are custom-made to your order, which we feel will not only personalize your purchase but make it a unique piece of home decor that you can cherish for years to come. The key to developing a strong customer & merchant relationship is communication. I want you to be satisfied with your purchase and it is critical that the two of us communicate to insure your home decor item is what you wanted; what you needed; and of course, that it is of the highest quality.

I hope that your shopping experience will be an enjoyable one. An experience that will not only have you coming back to us, but that you would want to share your experience with family and friends.