84 Inch Vine Tree - True Rustic TouchZoom

84 Inch Vine Tree - True Rustic Touch

84 Inch Vine Tree - True Rustic Touch
Item# gvt084-S
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This is a 7 foot tall (84") natural vine tree that cannot help but give any room a true rustic touch. It will soon become the focal point of your room's decor as you can decorate it to fit the season. As a Christmas tree; Fall decoration; Spring display; etc. Add some mini lights for a great touch!

Our trees are made from 100% natural growing vines from the hills of Tennessee.

Note: Our 84 Inch tree will be shipped to you in 2-3 foot sections. We have perfected the process of 'cutting' these larger trees into sections, after they have been wound tight, to make shipping easier and make storage a breeze. (See inset)

Meaures: 82-84" x 21-22" at the base.

A NOTE ABOUT THE MINI LIGHTS: Currently our mini lights are out of stock. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Shipping time is normally 15-20 business days.
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