Grapevine Tree, 18in, wide baseZoom

Grapevine Tree, 18in, wide base

Grapevine Tree, 18in, wide base
Item# gvt018
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
18 Inch Grapevine Tree is terrific as a centerpiece, on a coffee table or mantle.

Made from 100% natural vines. Enhance the look of your vine tree with a string of brown cord mini lights.

Measures 18" tall x 10.5" wide at base

Ships normally in 10-12 business days. A NOTE ON SHIPPING COSTS: If you consider grapevine trees from other sources, keep in mind both the unit and shipping costs of your purchase. Very often our unit price including our shipping is lower than other companies. Further, our trees are made in the U.S. and are very high quality. They are not kept in overseas containers, sprayed with insecticides, and exposed to other foreign elements.
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