Tube Bird Feeders

Tube Bird Feeders
Don't forget your feathered friends this winter.

Our 6" size tube birdfeeder is one of our most popular sizes. They can be hung easily almost anywhere around your home, patio or garden. Small birds love it.

The metal canopy and perching tray are made from rust-free aluminum and available in five different styles and three colors.

Click the pictures below to see our selection of designs and colors. Dimensions: 9.5"L x 9.5"W x 9H.

Our Silhouette series of bird feeders not only has a beautiful design, but features a large seed tube with easy fill access at the top (see inset).

Each feeder has a tiered roof design, along with a choice of three different designs that give your feeder a very ornamental look. The tube is made of durable plastic but, the metal is rust-free aluminum that is built to last. It comes in a choice of three different colors.

Each Silhouette Feeder measures 19" Tall (from the point of the top to the perch base) and is 12" wide. They also come with an easy hang handle at the top.

Our 12" Tube Birdfeeders are available in several styles and colors. The 12" tube, which is made of tough, durable plastic, will hold a large quantity of birdseed so you will not have to refill it as often as you enter the colder months.

The decorative top comes in a choice of designs and colors. The top 'ceiling' and bottom trays are made of rust-proof aluminum that will last for a very long time.

This makes an ideal window bird feeder and can be filled with just about any type of bird seed. Great design for attracting cardinals, finches, bluebirds and more.

Each Tube Feeder measures 14.5" tall (from the feeder tray to the decorative top) and 9.5" wide and long. Each also comes with a color-matching hook to hand your feeder.
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